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Manthei Construction Charlevoix Michigan
Concrete Texture

Our Mission

At Manthei Construction, we aspire to make the communities we live and work in better through the supply of construction materials and services that support an improved quality of life.


Together we are building our community.

Be S.H.A.R.P.

Core Values


We strive to serve our team and customers by putting their needs above our own and going above and beyond to exceed expectations 


We seek an attitude of humility, recognizing our need to continuously learn and improve as individuals and as a team.  


We take responsibility for our actions and decisions with a sharp focus on achieving our goals and objectives.


We think creatively and use the resources within our control to overcome obstacles without making excuses.  


We believe that having a positive outlook in life allows us to recognize opportunities for growth, leading to success both as individuals and as a company. 

Our Story

At the core, Manthei Construction is a family owned business with community-centered values. As a part of the community we:

  • Team: We partner with public and private sector developers and contractors in the construction industry to provide heavy construction infrastructure for the Northern Michigan community.

  • Innovate: We serve the landscape industry by creating HIGH FORMAT® concrete landscape products that are better looking, easier to work with, and more durable than alternatives.

  • Distribute and Deliver: New in 2021, we bring you Manthei Supply, a construction and landscape material resource for industry professionals and the general public.

  • Lead: Manthei Construction is part of the Manthei Group,  owned and managed by the Manthei family. 

  • Manthei Family
    The Manthei Group logo

    As an extension to the Manthei Construction team, the Manthei family has a passion for building products, providing services, and impacting our communities in a variety of ways. Here are links to some of the other Manthei family businesses.

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